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Jijabai’s Success Story

Cervical Cancer affected me many years ago when I faced severe uterus pain. The unbearable pain made me visit a small clinic in my village – Gundachi Wadi. The doctor in the clinic prescribed few medicines which provided temporary relief. Eventually I felt that something wasn’t right and hence I got myself rechecked by the doctor who suggested me to visit a hospital. Due to my financial condition and plenty of other challenges such as family responsibilities and the nature of my work, I failed to take a second opinion and visit the hospital.

Finally, on 11th of August, Parveen Ali- an ASHA volunteer visited my place. She was the first person to make me aware about Cervical cancer and the importance of healthcare check-ups. She informed me about the screening camps which were taking place in my village. Parveen handed me a form which I had to fill up. That is when I realized that I was familiar with the symptoms which were mentioned in the form. I immediately decided to visit the camp which was taking place on 30th of August. Upon reaching the destination, I witnessed a crowd of 50 women who were waiting for their wellness exam. After this exam, I along with 8 other women were informed to do a second round of check-up in the mobile van ‘Clinic on Wheels’. I was informed that I need to collect my reports after 2 days. WhenI visited the doctors on the 3rd day, I was informed that I am suffering from Cervical Cancer. I completely devastated and didn’t know how to deal with it.

The MGM doctors encouraged me to fight the disease and gave me moral support. I finally decided to face the challenge and got myself admitted in MGM hospital.

At MGM I went through a couple of tests and completed my biopsy in the month of September. Recently, on 8th of October I got operated and currently I am happy to lead a Cancer free life. I am very grateful to GeBBS Foundation for gifting me a second life. I would have never known that Cervical cancer is highly preventable disease until the ASHA volunteer came to my doorstep.

I have gone through this ordeal of Cervical cancer and GeBBS Foundation, Zillah Parishad and MGM doctors helped me to end my misery and start a fresh.