A non-profit organization for women and children to provide better healthcare specially for Cervical and breast cancer and education.


About GeBBS Foundation

Preventing Cervical Cancer in rural India

GeBBS Foundation is promoted by the GeBBS Group inspired by the idea of, “be the change you want to see”. The Foundation has been established with a single minded focus of empowering the weaker sections of society in Rural India by helping them to detect and protect women suffering from Cervical Cancer and have access to better Healthcare, better Education and better Livelihood. GeBBS Group is a professionally managed group and we use our professional competencies to design and implement various projects to make measurable impact on the lives of these people in the rural areas of Aurangabad and also other backward areas of India. We believe that India cannot rise to its full potential without a fundamental transformation in the lives of people in Rural India.

India is a vast country and has so many challenges. Therefore, we decided to take a cluster approach to execute our Cervical Cancer detection program instead of spreading the resources and efforts all across the country. We also decided to partner with government as well as local authorities, hospitals, corporates, philanthropists, local Rotary as well as Lions Clubs and other NGOs involved in similar programs.
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